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Instant Access to 6  High Quality Adjustable Workouts  targeting specific climbing adaptations.

Regular NEW Workouts with Improved Training Notes, Detailed Instruction and Training Logs.

Training Diaries, Hang board Logs and Self Assessments.  All fully modifiable with both excel and PDF versions.

Personal Invitation to the Junkie Discord.  Talk directly to coaches, physios and other members for free any time.  

Access to Master Class Discussions.   Deep Dive into complex topics with the Junkie Team.

Discounts on Programming and Physio Consults.

One on One Programming, Coaching Assessments and more coming SOON!  

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The ideal location for most workouts is your local climbing gym.  Having access to a pullup bar, systems board, scatter wall, hangboards, boulders and routes will ensure the best transference of your training to your climbing goals.  

We understand at the moment during COVID you might not have this access.  With this in mind, we have created home versions to some of our workouts and extensive modification tips so you can still train with access to limited equipment at home.

You might have heard that new climbers should not train?  While we do agree that climbing should make up the majority of your volume, there is space for a lot of good training in a new climber’s program.  

Training isn’t all about high intensity hang boarding.   Building a strong and functional climbing body, learning active recovery techniques and moderating your on the wall sessions to allow muscles and connective tissue time to adapt to strenuous climbing stimulus is all important training. 

Getting your head around these concepts as a new climber by attending the Master Classes and Junkie Resources will put you ahead of the game and engrain good habits for when its time to step it up!

Hard to say on this one.  It really depends on your injury diagnosis and current state.  We would recommend at least a single Physio Consult with our team to better assess what is going on.  They can tell you if the Junkie Workouts are suitable with modification or if a more specific approach is required.

The good news is we can draft up specific programs with your injury and rehab built in through our Programming Courses once you have seen the Physio.  This approach saves you countless visits to the PT as we can monitor your progress via the Junkie Discord and adjust as required without ongoing extra charges.   

Absolutely.  All our workouts are modifiable to each end of the spectrum.  This means advanced climbers can dial up the workouts while still maintaining the effective energy system training and specific adaptations that workout is designed for.

We approach these modifications in several ways. Altering work to rest ratios, intensity triggers, hold selection, occlusion phases and more.  Don’t stress though, if you cruise through every workout we have dialled right  up – we will book your ticket to flatanger so you can get to work on the first repeat of silence!

Why Vertical Junkie?

Vertical Junkie provides more than just Climbing Work Outs.  

Our Discord discussions, Master Classes, Training Articles AND Workout Systems are all designed for a specific reason.

To gradually teach climbers about what goes on behind the scenes in an effective climbing specific training program.  

This method helps climbers get specific adaptations which better suit your climbing milestones.  

It helps climbers manage potential or current injuries affecting your climbing.  

Which means you don’t just come out the other end with stronger fingers.  

You come out with a stronger understanding of what it takes to keep becoming a better climber.  

Month after Month.  

Year after Year.

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